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Easy-to-Follow French Language Classes

The path to success in life is to continually learn and one of the best things you can learn is a different language. Being able to speak multiple languages opens up a world of possibilities both on a personal and professional level.

La Première French Academy of Cupertino, California, teaches French to students of all ages. Our language classes and materials teach French in the quickest and most mindful manner possible. As native speakers ourselves, our french teachers truly understand the subtle nuances involved in speaking conversational French.

French Lessons

All of our french lessons are customized to complement your knowledge level. We continually add new material as you learn, as well as watch news reports and movies to help you become more acquainted with conversational French.

Our goal is to make our students feel comfortable and confident in their ability to learn French. We cover everything from basic grammar to the conjugation of tenses using a natural approach.

Rates for Pre-Paid Class or Tutoring Packages For All Levels

(Each Class is 50 minutes)

Private (1 Student)
$108 per class

• Semi-Private (2 Students)
$54 per class

• Group Class (4-8 Students)
$36 per class

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